Mission Statement

WWW Enterprises mission is to educate, inform, assist and promote the cooperative efforts to enhance our abilities of utilizing computer sciences, technology and the internet through the 21st Century. The Age of Aquarius, under the pre-roman calendar is near and as the Age of Pieces ends, not the end of the world that is erroneous embraced, it is truly up to us to unshackle the social and economic chains that ignorance and greed have forged upon us. By embracing the communication revolution, We The People can and must improve upon our historic performances of vast and never ending wars, subject poverty and injustices brought on by failed institutions, so arrogant, so massive, so devoid of ethical foundations, that they have led us down a perverse course. It will require massive change, not only our individual and social beliefs and habits, but even how we effectively communicate, organize and perform. We are not seeking utopia, but come on, we can do better than this.

Those that acquiesce to the status quo only exacerbate the continuance of a sadistically run world by believing that human nature is instinctually corrupt and evil and therefore we are destined to our failings. The psychologically fatigued and maimed soldiers that have survived the wars of our world give us the greatest clue that we have taken the wrong course as we place them in unthinkable positions and experiences.

It is the institutional leaders that are prone to war and violence, not the physical combatants that are actually placed in harms-way, merely attempting to improve upon their lives of probably poverty. Manipulated by institutional marketing and coercion, they are deceived into believing they are something other than collateral damage and that they are really improving our world by sacrificing their lives, conscience and bodies. Many of them will tell you the truth if you really listen.

An associate called these Institutions the BORG, Big business – comprised of massive international corporations, Organized Religions, the ones we are all familiar with and Governments, working in collusion, have for centuries operated under the guise of God, Country, truth and justice. The vast majority are frauds.

As more and more begin to grasp the contradictions, hypocrisies, inconsistencies, lies and obvious frauds the BORG has spread, the communications revolution has begun to expose and break the media curtain and economic controls like the income tax, central banking and the collusion and corruption between the participants within the BORG, such as Judicial Corruption, the Catholic Priesthood, lying politicians and overpaid Corporate CEOs that we have all have come to love and cherish. There is a plan. Come learn, teach, share and join us, as we create a brave new world.

By hskiprob