Wind Turbine Challenge

The Robinson Turbine is a Vertical Axis wind and water turbine (VAWT), patent pending, that has a number of unique physical properties that contributes to its performance.

I will send the detailed instructions and a number of pictures of the wind turbine showing the below noted cabling system for $9.99 with 12.5% of all proceeds from the sales of the plans going to that individual or group that provides the best system to control the panels and 12.5% to the individual or group that is able to come up with the best system for dealing with catastrophic winds. This is a great build for older kids to experiment with several aspects of physics, especially relating to centrifugal force and fluid dynamics. I built my prototype with supplies from the local hobbie shop. Ball baring are in the main shaft as well as two on each of the hinges of the panels. I still believe that this system is the most efficient one that I’ve ever seen as it best minimizes the drag as the panels come back against the wind while the other panel gather greater amounts of the kinetic energy from the wind, just like a sail. Then you can add in the transfer of energy by the panel control system from the centrifugal forces. The torque generated by the rear panel, is what appears to concern most engineers, however, I believe that the panel control system remedies this problem. Just to give you some idea of the power of this trubine, the panels on the water turbine were each 1.5′ wide x 2.5′ high, 3.75 SF and the water turbine we tested put out over 300 lbs of force at less than a 5 MPH water speed using a calibrated scale. The barge in the video below was not large enough to fully stop the torque effect of the system and was felt by everyone on board.  I would add a forth panel to the system to smooth out the effects of the torque.

Unlike most other VAWTs, it doesn’t have a blade but a panel system, much like the sails of a sailboat, that is the essence of its potential superior performance. I use the word, potential, since no one had ever done the analysis of a system like this. No one to my knowledge has still analyzed all the various physics to understand how efficient it might be, since I’ve withheld some crucial information, except to those that have signed NDAs. Even then, I have only given the information to a few of those whom appear to understand the physics and asked the right questions.

What makes the panel control system unique is the ability to transfer the excess torque generated by the flipping panel in the rear of the system (when the wind is at your back looking at the system), while transferring that energy to the compressing panel in the front and the effects it has on the centrifugal forces of the entire system. The fluid dynamics are obviously complex. When we first tried to determine the performance of this system, even without the panel control system, no known analysis of such a system was found, according to the engineering firm Parametric Solutions, LLC of Jupiter Florida.

The engineers, being more interested in the water turbine focused their engineering on the workings of that system and therefore no analysis has been done to my knowledge on the transfer of energy through a panel control system and its effects on the system since water is so much denser, more constant 24/7 in many cases and much slower in speed within small ranges and therefore the panel control system was deemed not necessary by the engineers.

I just know that I couldn’t get the wind turbine to work in a wide wind speed range without using the panel control system that minimizes the torque and transferred the excess energy to where it is utilized. I ended up instead of the employing a closed loop hydraulic system, which I think would be the more effective but costly upfront to engineer and manufacture, I created a cabling system that gave me the desired proof of concept. It can be argued the cabling system is not an adequate proof of concept, but I think, the proof is in the pudding, it worked, first time right out of the box, so to speak, exactly as I had envisioned and how my experimentation had brought me to understand.

From the wind turbine design, I was able to design and build the water turbine prototype and proof of concept on the first try. I then sold the patent pending to Hydro Alternative Energy and have been granted the wind turbine rights under a licensing agreement from them. Supposedly Hydro Alternative Energy is developing the water turbines, very slowly it seems, even though I’ve been told they raised $millions. I would not know since they have yet to have an annual stockholder meeting since the inception of the company over four years ago., They did spend a pile of money testing the prototype I built which we had already sufficiently tested. They thought that having it turn on a row of light bulbs would be impressive; yes to a moron.
The Challenge: To develop the best energy transfer system that improves the efficiency and performance of the Robinson Turbine. For those interested parties please feel to contact me. or call me at 561-596-1004


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