eFuels, LLC – Recycling Used Tires

  Investment Summary
Business Model: Phase 1. Plants Converts Used Tires To Carbon Black
Phase 2. Add (29) similar Plants in U.S.
Phase 3. Build 1st Coal to Carbon Back Plant $300 mm 
Location: So. Carolina (land and building under contract
Seeking Investment of: $3 million to $16 million, max 25% of project costs
Investor Return: Debt (ROI) or $25% Equity in Project
Return Total Project Cost: $80 million
Additional Equity Funding: State of N. Carolina bonds, $64 million/ 80% of project costs
Value when completed: $120 million to $300 million
Investment Insurance: Full or partial coverage through AIG – negotiable
Collateral: Land, Building & Plant Equipment
Company: eFuels, LLC and/or subsidiaries
EBITA: $20 Million for Phase 1
Project Category/timing: Startup / ready to begin / 6 month completion
Management Team: Experienced in engineering, finance and management
Growth Potential: Additional 29 US plants based on this plant design
Intellectual property: Yes, partial
Environmental Concerns: Approved by USEPA
Technology Summary: Pyrolysis works much like a pressure cooker. The tires are melted in a pressurized chamber and the primary materials including steel, pyrolysis oil and carbon black are separated and sold. Carbon Black is the most desired product with multiple uses. Pyrolysis oil is similar to bunker fuel. The steel is recycled.
Business Plan/financials Yes/Yes
Contact H. Skip Robinson – 561-596-1004 * hskiprob@gmail.com

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